Saturday, December 13, 2008

UAW and the first qid pro quo for the Obama Administration

Let's call this bail out what it really is and stop insulting the electorate's intelligence. This is the first payment to the most powerful of Obama's supporters. The UAW had the unmitigated gall to send Obama a bill for services rendered. So now, we all get to sink billions into car companies that have not been competitive since the 1960's. Kleetus' message to the Big Three. You lost! You were beaten! Have some diginity and go do something else! But neigh, what are the car companies and their allies doing? If we can't beat Toyota and Honda by making cars people actually want to buy, we will just finance politicans' campaigns and send them a bill afterwards to get free money. We can spin this thing saying that "wouldn't it be terrible if millions that we employ lost their jobs"? Guess what? After you receive the bail out money, and you will, you will STILL go out of business, you dopes! If you couldn't build cars that people wanted to buy before in a good economy, what makes you think that you can suddenly be competitive with other car makers in this economy? Who is going to buy your cars now that you are on the brink of going under? Do you think that we will keep printing money for you all indefinitely? I would think not.
Let's just cut to the chase on this bail out and call it what it is; it is taking money from hard-working people in places not Michigan and sending it to Michigan and places under the thumb of the UAW. This is government highway robbery. This is the cost of the electorate not paying attention. This collective cost of not knowing sh** about your government is that "Tony Soprano" types in the unions and inept CEO's in Detroit get YOUR money. I think when Obama said "Change you can believe in", he was speaking DIRECTLY TO DETROIT! Translated less muddled, "Believe me guys, I will be sending you change, bags and bags of it". These guys are thieves and they have Obama in their pockets. Really they have the House and Senate leadership since Obama really has no power and will only be a puppet for the unions and trial lawyers. Maybe we ought to petition these groups for the next 4 years?

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