Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Perl one liner, backreferences, displaying only part of a line

I like this construct for searching through files in a directory and pulling out part of a line.

Just add the regular expression. The '?' designates a non-greedy expression, which means the finite statement machine will quit on the first successful match.

find . -name "*.xml" | xargs perl -ne '/(.*?)"/; print $1; print "\n";'

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What I like about living in Atlanta, GA

I recently moved to the Atlanta area. @dneighbors on twitter asked the question "Why Do You Live Where You Live?" It may be that I just love Atlanta, or maybe cause it felt so good to get out of Phoenix. Let me paint a picture for you.

Here is my perspective. Being born and raised in Phoenix, AZ and then moving to the Atlanta area in my thirties was a monumental change. The culture, weather, terrain are all starkly different.

Phoenix: hot, dry, dusty, smoggy, transient culture, California rejects, kind-hearted souls, sunburn, sunny days, prickly cacti, rocky moon-like surfaces, smelly dairy farms, cotton fields, traffic cameras, migrants standing on corners, 90 degree low temperatures, blast oven heat in your face from April to November, the sweet smell of jasmine and orange blossoms on spring nights.

Atlanta: Cool breezes, smell of pine in the air, festivals in the park on beautiful days, a sense of community, long summer days by the pool, peach cobbler, wild rasberries, blackberries, and blueberries growing in summer, smell of chocolate in the spring when the Magnolias bloom, blooming wisteria, azelia flowers, the old narrow streets of mid town, the rolling hills of Atlanta, every street named "peachtree" downtown, the aquarium, the college football, the reddest red of the maples in the fall, the greeniest of green of the pines against the deep blue sky, the "oceans" of kudzu, the brisk autumn breezes delivering a blanket of red, brown, and yellow leaves, the southern hospitality, neighbors helping neighbors, the squirrels, the bright red cardinals, the shady paths in the park, the fireflies, the geese, the deer

Monday, September 21, 2009

Out of work

I recently lost my job. I am looking for a new way to earn a living. I have a couple of leads right now and I am also reading a lot and hacking on some rails apps for some of the business ideas that I have had over the last few years. It feels good to get out of on my own. I am learning about some things that I have wanted to know about for quite some time. Some Erlang topics are really interesting me right now. It would be really nice to start a consulting firm. I have a feeling that jumping into a long term full time job is not the cards right now.

I had an idea for a documentary. It would follow a small software engineering firm from inception to consulting and producing a piece of software to trying to paid. All the things that small businesses have to deal with. It would cronical the times we live in. Our culture here is very enterprising and this where creative projects go from a concept to a real living thing. I dream that I could be the one who starts the company and filmmakers can just hang around and record everything. I would love to watch that kind of a movie. I was fascinated with the documentary, "The Staircase". I highly recommend this film. These are the best sort of movies, I think.