Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New favorite Microchip PIC is the 18F14K22

I discovered this little microchip recently. The 18F14K22 PIC is really neat. At about $2 from mouser or digikey and supported by the USBProg for ICSP and also supported by mikroC compilers, it is my new favorite low-end chip. I use it anywhere USB coms are not required. It also runs at 64 MHz with an external crystal, but I mostly use the 2 internal clock sources. The primary internal runs at up to 16 MHz and has fantastic stability. The secondary clock runs at 31 KHz, which is great for saving the batteries. This chip comes in SMD/SMT and PDIP flavors as you might expect. I like the SOIC-20 style because this is really easy to solder down quickly on a prototype board (like a schmartboard). You can also run them at 1.8v to 5.5v, which is nice is you are using usb power or 2 double A batteries. I use this chip with the Linx TRM433 transceiver, which runs at a strict 3v. So I regulate power once and smooth it out and forget about it! If you are getting into the embedded world, I would highly recommend this chip! It beats the pants off of any arduino out there at a fraction of the cost!