Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sharing stuff

Ok, how can I be of service to someone else? How can I enrich someone else life? How can I ease the suffering of others? These are the questions that I ask in my life. In pursuit of this, I think about experiences that I have had. For some reason, I think it noble to impart any scraps of wisdom that I have picked up along the way. Maybe, I can impart wisdom in the fashion of, "hey I did this and it hurt, so be smart and don't do it, at least not like I did".

With all this in mind, I am going start a series of "Life on nuclear submarine", so that people can get a sense of the tribulations being a crew member. This was a time when I was constantly undergoing strife. Maybe lessons can be taught about not being a sailor, or maybe there are just lessons about being in close proximity to 100 other men.

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