Monday, February 23, 2009

Adam Carolla

If you have never heard of this man, you are for a treat, my friend! Adam is the Quintessential everyman's man. He can be heard here

Here are the reasons why I love Adam Carolla:

1. He connects with his listeners on a personal level because he doesn't act like some stuck up rich person. He recognizes that most of his listeners are just like he is. He worked construction and cleaned carpet. Now he has means, so it is nice that he can create a portal into the world of Hollywood, but he always remains genuine. He is sincerely connected to "the rest of us".

2. He is honest. This really should be number 1 on my list. You cannot connect with people if you are phony. People can see through this in a second and radio people are fooling themselves if they think that they put on a persona and retain an audience. Ace Man (Carolla) just puts himself out there, take it or leave it. He has flaws and those flaws can be endearing since we all have them too.

3. He is observant. This is more than schtick, Adam brings out the truly absurd in our culture. He comes off more genuine that the Seinfeld ("Who are these people") bits. He gets into more counter-culture routines that are really funny. He has one bit where is mimes a strip club MC. Callers will ask him to do an impromptu routine centered around them. Great bit.

4. Connections. Adam is plugged into Hollywood and its weirdness. He will call out weird shit too. Life is all about relationships. Adam's personality is likeable and most pop culture stars like Adam, so he can leverage this.

5. Adam is old school So. California. He was born in North Hollywood and lived amoung the regional culture. I find people who talk about subculture amoung the most interesting. I live in Atlanta, so this is far removed from this, but I love to hear about how "the Valley" is like or dislike my area.

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